• All transactions & payroll setup
  • The full current & previous financial year
  • Receive a mirror version of your data


  • Software driven & highly automated
  • Over 80% delivered the next business day
  • Convert anytime to suit the business


  • BAS Agent & Xero trusted partner
  • 1,000s of conversions completed
  • Data encryption on Sydney cloud servers

Conversion Features

Xero Setup

Organisation details & financial settings


Exactly as in MYOB with opening balances


Supplier, client & employee details


Invoices, bills, credit notes; paid & unpaid

Quotes & Orders

As draft invoices & bills, deposits handled


Jobs & categories
(limited to 100)


Bank transactions reconciled like MYOB


Allowing inventory item summary report

Payroll Setup

Employee details, pay items, pay templates

MYOB File Fix

We fix issues in MYOB if needed/possible

Action Checklist

Getting you started quickly & efficiently

Xero Subscription

Transferred when conversion is complete

How it works
Load MYOB File
we check your data
Select Service
free or premium?
Review Details
and customise
Leave it to us
for 3 business days tops
Receive Email
get Xero and Action Checklist

What Our Clients Say
What Our Clients Say

1. Quick; 2. Reliable; 3. Fantastic on communication of MYOB/Xero conversion issues. Working through post conversion issues with our clients has been so much easier with the action checklist for each file.

Quick, reliable and fantastic

Nothing short of impressed by both myself and the clients. Quick conversions on what I considered to be large files. Thank you to the Jet Convert team, happily & highly recommended!

Nothing short of impressed

The process was smooth and the turnaround time swift. The report provided by Jet Convert post-conversion was well laid out and clearly signposted us to the tasks we needed to perform next. The experience was “pain free” and demonstrated that incumbency alone should never be a barrier to change.

Incumbency alone should never be a barrier to change
Convert MYOB to Xero Pricing


Xero Sponsored Conversion

Xero Logo

Minimum of current financial year history
or option for balances only
Chart of Accounts  |  Items
Contacts  |  Payroll set up



Xero Sponsored Conversion

Xero Logo

Monthly Comparative Balances

In the P&L and balance sheets
as far back as the file allows



Xero Sponsored Conversion

Xero Logo

Monthly Comparative Balances

In the P&L and balance sheets
as far back as the file allows


A 50 min one-on-one session for
a faster start in Xero


* Additional conversion services:
MYOB AccountEdge Macintosh to Windows compatible conversion – add $220 to above prices.
MYOB pre-conversion verification error fix – add $220 to above prices.
Australian Xero org setup only.

Load your MYOB file and we check your data. You can then choose between the free or premium services to convert from MYOB to Xero.