Time for the final Reckoning

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If you are keen to take advantage of all of the benefits that Xero brings then I have great news for Reckon users – we have extended the Reckon conversion pilot so you can still get your file converted for free courtesy of Xero’s sponsorship.

What is included?

As with the MYOB conversions the Reckon to Xero service is free of charge and it is open to file sizes up to 150MB in size. You will receive:

Transactional history for either current or current plus previous financial year. You will receive every bank transaction, invoice, credit note, payment, manual journal and payroll entry for the period that you select.

Contacts both active and inactive. Going forward in Xero, they will be sorted into Suppliers, Customers or Employees in Xero based on the transactions associated with them.

Chart of Accounts as per Reckon, though any hyphens will be removed.

Inventory Items accounting information including codes, descriptions and pricing. Tracked inventory will need to be setup in Xero following conversion.

Open invoices and bills come across into drafts. Quotes also convert as draft invoices.

Payroll set-up with Employee data opening balances which displays the year to date of what each employee has been paid.

…all this within 5 business days or less.

There is a little more tidy-up work involved with Reckon conversions than with MYOB so it is worth checking out How data is brought across on our website.

Which versions?

We will be working to convert all Australian Windows Reckon files. You need to complete a backup file without a password, and ensure your file has either the .QBB, .QBW or .QBM extension.

We can convert:

  • .QBB/.QBW files up to 150 MB in size
  • Reckon Accounts 2013, 2014 & 2015 including Enterprise
  • Reckon Hosted
  • Quickbooks 2012/13 (Australian release)
  • Please contact us for files that are 2011 or earlier.

As with the MYOB service we cannot convert if:

  • There are more than 700 active account codes
  • The file contains Wine Equalisation Tax
  • We do not convert payroll if more than 200 employees paid.

Coming soon to Reckon conversions

Our developers are working hard to introduce new features and improvements to our Reckon conversion service.

The following are features currently available with MYOB versions which we aim to incorporate into Reckon conversions down the track:

Monthly comparative balances are a premium service that can be purchased in addition to the Basic free MYOB conversion. These are journalled into the P&L and balance sheets as far back as the MYOB file allows.

Bank account type mapping is part of the free Basic conversion service for MYOB files. This gives you the chance to set up bank accounts and credit cards correctly in Xero.

Action checklist customised to every unique conversion. It contains statistics on what was converted and recommended data fixes that we found.

Jobs and Categories are converted in MYOB conversions if there are less than 100 active and inactive in the MYOB file. Our conversion software creates a tracking category called job or category in Xero.

Multi-currency MYOB files can be converted with transactional history for current month.

These are not necessarily in the order that we will introduce these features and at the moment we don’t have an estimated timeframe. Our website will always contain the latest information on where we are at with Reckon conversions. But don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d just like to shortcut and check in with us to find out.

In the meantime, if you are ready to go we can convert Reckon to Xero right now so get in before the crazy end-of-year season starts!

I would love to get your questions or feedback in the comments section below. Wendy