Get set to go in Xero for July 1

1-balance_sheet_comThe end of financial year is certainly a good time to be moving businesses onto Xero.  It means a fresh start and a whole new way of operating in the 14/15 financial period.

So if you want to be fully operational in Xero, including payruns, from 1 July then now is the time to convert!

Why not wait?

Because we bring across full transactional history, you can keep working in Xero from where you left off in your old software. Unreconciled transactions and open invoices are waiting in your new Xero org for you to pick up and complete.

However you may be holding off as you do not want to start doing payruns in Xero until the new financial year. If this is the case, we recommend that you take advantage of the quieter period leading up to end of June to get going in Xero.  

  1. Complete the financial year payruns in your old software.
  2. Do everything else in Xero (invoicing, reconciliation etc) PLUS
  3. Do duplicate payruns in Xero, you can get used to payroll in Xero and be up to date, ready for the first July payrun.

Voila – you are ready for a complete transition to Xero right as of 1 July.

Why not wait?

There is a very good reason why it is better not to wait until 1 July to convert. You will be left with a data gap to fix due to:

  • The time it takes for the 13/14 financial year to be completed in your old software.
  • Up to three business days for us to do the conversion.
  • Time you need to prepare the source file and/or review Xero org.

It could be well into July, or even August, by the time everything is all together. Which means you miss out on doing your first payrun(s) in Xero.

So get going and get converting for a July 1 launch into Xero!