Converting your MYOB file in July

1-write a budgetThe start of the new financial year is literally around the corner. However no need to rush into a data conversion to, we have it all covered.

If you were thinking of sending through your source file on July 1, then perhaps give it a bit more consideration.  There is no compelling reason to coincide your conversion exactly with the start of the financial year.

Because we bring across transactional history with open invoices & bills, and unreconciled transactions, it really does not matter what day you convert. Instead we recommend you select the time of the month that suits you and your client best to convert to Xero.

Pick your moment

Even if you had the source file ready to convert on 1 July, by the time you send it in for conversion (up to 3 business days), do a check and any adjustments required (another few days) it could well be a week into the month.

A smoother transition would be to do the first new financial year payrun out of your old software. You then have one or two weeks (depending on the pay cycle) to get the file converted and the appropriate personnel trained up in the use of Xero in time for the next payrun.

Still lots of history

Under the Xero sponsorship we can provide current plus previous financial year of transactional history. With MYOB files please do not roll them into the new financial year to get the maximum amount of data possible.

There is more information on timing of conversions here. You can sit back and send us your MYOB file when things quieten down.