The Emotional Ride that is the Move to Xero

Sometimes getting clients excited about Xero is not the difficult part – it is the move from their existing accounting software to becoming operational on Xero that can cause angst and consume time.

As great as Xero is, it is still “different” and “scary”, as any change to a new software platform can be. Some clients will cope better than others, but for those of you who have moved mutiple clients to Xero you will have experienced some of the “what now” frustrations that can arise.

How can we prevent this happening?

We have found that the key to ensuring that clients are delighted with the move to Xero is by managing their expectations before, during and following the conversion. Regardless of how the conversion is done (outsourced or in-house) there are steps to take that can smooth out the journey for both sides.

I covered some of this in my most recent blog “The Pain of Moving to Xero”. As a follow up I share my thoughts in the recently held webinar “Conversions – A Fantastic Experience”.

Other ways to ensure a fantastic move to Xero

There are other aspects to making conversions great – preparing the file for conversion, pre and post conversion data checks, introducing the client to their Xero data file, training in the operation and functions within Xero, support and hand holding as the client gets into Xero … and so on.

To make our future webinars even more useful, please let us know what you would like to hear about. Just leave your suggestion in the form below.


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