Convert MYOB AccountEdge to Xero

We are delighted to announce that we don’t have to turn away Mac users on MYOB AccountEdge any more. Now we can convert your accounting data to Xero with the same information as for PC users.

New AccountEdge to AccountRight conversion service

To address the AccountEdge issue we have partnered with an Australian company who can convert these files to a Windows compatible format. We can then read the data in that file and continue with the conversion from there.

Converting from AccountEdge to PC attracts a fee of $220. After that you get all the usual benefits associated with the Xero sponsored conversions.

What’s included?

All conversions come with:

  • Contacts
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Items
  • Payroll setup (with payroll balances, all employee details, pay items and templates – if applicable)

Mac file history options

The History option provides full transactional history including every bank transaction, invoice, quote, order, credit note, payment, manual journal, payroll entry, contact and item as you had it. We can usually go back as far as the start of the previous financial year as long as the MYOB file has not been rolled into the current financial year.

The Balances Only option adds the conversion balances as of the Conversion Date into Xero with no transactions or open invoices/bills.

The $0 Balances option has no transactions and sets all Conversion Balances to $0.

How do I get my Mac file converted?

The process is almost identical to our regular conversion service.

  1. Send your MYOB file to us by going to our website and clicking the green ‘Upload your file’ button.
  2. After a few hours you will receive an email from us advising that your MYOB file is AccountEdge. We will ask you to confirm that you agree to paying the AccountEdge to PC conversion fee.Mac service confirmation page
  3. We organise your file to be converted into the right format for you. You then receive an email directing you to your status page to select your desired conversion service and advise how you want the MYOB bank accounts to be treated in Xero.
  4. At the completion of the conversion you will receive the post conversion Action Checklist and a request for payment. Following payment the Xero subscriber is sent an email from with the Xero subscription.

So all you need to do is look out for one extra communication from us in Step 2 and the rest is business as usual.

What happens if the conversion is not possible?

You only pay if we are successful. That is the reason we charge you at the end of the conversion process so that there is no risk for you.

We are pleased to now offer MYOB AccountEdge users a chance to convert to Xero with full transactional history.

If you have any questions I’d love to hear from you below.

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